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story you will see only on the bay area. the police are investigating an assault in this week's art and wine festival. we spoke with a muslim peace activist who witnessed the attack, and said that it may be a fall out that killed the ambassad ambassador, chris stevens. george? >> well, it will be up to the district attorney's office to determine whether this week's attack is a hate crime. we talked to a muslim woman who saw the whole thing. she was putting peace flowers at the wine and art festival, and she and others were handing out educational literature about muslim and a man came up to the booth screaming. >> he started cursing saying you all are terrorists. >> it went on for a couple of
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minutes before without any warning the angry man attacked a volunteer. >> he took a swing and he punched one of our volunteers and it just punched him in the eye. and his eye was swolen and he started to bleed. >> police were called out and officers arrested the man for assault. they belief that the current unrest in parts of the middle east led up to the assault. >> i believe it stirred up hatred in the public. >> in your mind, is it a hate crime? >> it is a hate crime. it's sad and unfortunate. >> the police are not ruling out the possibility that the assault was a hate crime. >> it's a possibility. but that is typically a charging decision, once we get the facts together, that will be decided by the district attorney. >> i hope that justice is served. it's not okay. it's not okay. especially in america, it's not okay to just come up to someone and punch them, because we are expressing our freedom of speech. >> now, we went to the home of
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the man who was arrested by the police, but he refused to comment. we are live tonight, nbc bay area news. >> george, thank you. and new tonight at 11:00 students from hastings law school honored ambassador chris stevens, they are hoping to continue his legacy of public service. we have more on how stevens is being remembered, jean? >> dine, people who new stevens who new him and did not know him at all, attended a candle light vigil in his honor tonight. honoring a man professors say is a role model for all students. ♪ ♪ god bless america >> uc hastings college of the law, remembers 1989 graduate,
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chr chris stevens, he made quite the impression as a student. this professor remembers a vibrant young man. >> doing public service and working to represent our country in a really great way in terms of the highest ideals. so, i was proud. >> first year law student organized this vigil. the marine veteran did not know stevens but feels connect to him. >> to be killed because somebody elsed voiced their opinion. we should have that freedom. and that's what i fought for. >> stevens told the dean of hastings earlier this year, he would return to campus and talk to the students about using a law degree to serve the country. the ambassador cannot carry out that promise, but the students and faculty said they will continue to talk about stevens and his work to deliver justice
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around the world. >> chris cannot be here, but like the candles are lit, he is with us and he will be with us in our hearts and as a role model forever. >> the dean said he is receiving hundreds of calls and e-mails from people who want to donate to a scholarship fund in stevens honor. the dean said as soon as he has family permission, something will be established. nbc bay area news. >> thank you, and there's new information emerging tonight that should settle what happened in the after math of last week's attack on the consulate. they found stevens still alive but suffering from severe smoke inhalation and they rushed him to the hospital. those events have been confirmed. they are still trying to figure out how he was separated from the other americans. >> on his way out, chris moore
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will step down after 18 months ago top cop. and it comes a a bad time. moore is retiring in the middle of rising crime concerns and frustration within the department. nbc bay area is live at the police department with more on his decision. >> for some, the resigning comes as a shock and others it was no surprise. the police department is about to go through turbulent times. >> i think the residents were let down today. >> council member is reacting tonight to the chief's decision to retire after only 18 months on the job. >> we are now going to spend a number of months searching nationwide for a chief of police. those are months when we should be searching for solutions to our problems. >> problems for the nation's tenth largest and one time safest big city, once avoided, the police dealt with a series of deadly shootings and
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stabbings, prompting vigils like this one. when chief moore took the job, he had come up with an axe to deal with a $90 million budget deficit. he had to layoff 65 officers, cutting his department to 1050, we are told the city of this size should have a department of 1500. >> there's a lot of factors that kwom into play when you decide to retire. you know, some of them certainly have to do with family, and i will spend quality time with my family. >> but the police union is not believing that family is the only reason he is retiring. >> the chief and others have lost confidence in the city leadership to deal with public safety and make it a priority. >> until we reach a point where we have additional money that we can spend on hiring more officers, it will be a frustrating job. >> while politicians continue to
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finger point, the crime does not stop. the question is, what is next? >> tomorrow, we are having a council session specifically on the public safety challenges that we are facing. and for this announcement to come on the eve of that, it begs the question, so what do we do? >> so what is next? a nationwide search for new police chief and rough times ahead. reporting live, nbc bay area news. >> thank you, sherrill. and for additional reaction to moore's departure, we spoke to a former police chief. he called moore one of the most respected police chiefs in the country, and suggested that the spike in crime and the deep budget cuts forced moore out. >> he has betold me privately,
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that he told city hall that has a professional, he cannot go on with it anymore. >> he will leave with 30 years as an officer. he dee parted with roughly 80% of his pay, or $155,000 annually, that does not include $200,000 in sick pay that he has a crewed over 30 years. >> the members of the occupy movement are still making their presence known tonight, it has been one year since it began, images from the fall of 2011. protesters marching shoulder to shoulder, many dressed in black and at times violent. on the right, the video taken this evening. the crowd smaller and calmer. they marched through the financial district during rush hour, and they held a news conference to announce it was going to be occupied again
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indefinitely. >> we are celebrating by call attention to debt and the fact that debt is driving all the evils in a lot of -- a lot of the evils in the economic system today. >> just here to let the public know that we are caring about student debt, home foreclosures. >> many of the protesters blocked streets in the area, causing minor traffic delays and detours. >> across country venture has taken a strange turn and now a woman is in nebraska searching for her father. 69-year-old charles dowde, left on an amtrak and he was never seen. a conductor claims he saw him in omaha and he seemed disoriented. the family is now there passing out missing person flyers and
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rounding up volunteers to find him. >> the fact that we have not heard from him is not in his character. he would not vanish and not call us. >> dad takes medication for diabetes and heart problems and he suffers from restless leg syndrome. several gyms in the bayi are cutting ties with the gold's gym. they are going by fitness sf, the ceo donated money to american cross roads. the group was founded by carl remove and has strong anti-reggae vianti-gay views. the multi-million find in a
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man's closet and how it's changing a woman's life. presidential candidate mitt r romney is in hot water over what he said in a fundraiser and no no place to call home. >> good evening, i'm in the weather center. cooler start, down to 78 today. that is leading the colder temperatures right now, with isolated 40s. we will let you know what it means for the morning forecast and your seven day.
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>> tonight, mitt romney is doing damage control after comments he made in private fundraiser was made public. he is heard talking to wealthy donors giving them a snap shot of liberal voters. here is a portion of it. >> don't worry, we will take care of it. how are we going to do it two months before the election. you have to take care of yourself. >> well, there are 47% of the people who will vote for the president no matter what. there are 47% of them that believe that they are victims and that government has a responsibility to care for them, who believe they are entitled to health care, to food, to housing. you name it. that is entitlement and the government shougive it to item.
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he starts off with a huge number. these are people that pay no income tax 47% of american pays no income tax. so our message of low taxes does not connect. that is what they sell every four years. tax cuts for the rich. and so my job is to not worry about those people. they should take personal responsibility and care for their lives. i have to convince the 5% to 10% in the center that are independent, that are thoughtful and voting one way or the other, depending on some cases emotion. whether they like the guy or not. >> what you just heard is romney saying that half of all americans believe they are victims entitled to extensive government support and his job is to not, quote, worry about those people. he said later that those were spoken off the cuff, but he is not backing away from them
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either. >> i recognize among those that pay no tax, 47% of americans, i'm not likely to be highly successful with the message of he lowering taxes, that isathe. trac -- and others are not attracted to my message of slimming down government. so i focus on the individuals that are most likely going to be pulled into my camp and help me be the 51% that i need to be the next president. >> romney is calling for the release of the full video, not just the clips posted on line, saying it will put his comments into context. >> we have lift off, when you look up at the sky on friday, you will see a space shuttle flying by. the endeavor will make the final flight over florida late their week. nasa had to delay the flight a day because of the weather forecast. it appears to be a good for 9:00
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a.m. on friday. a low pass over will occur, before heading to the final destination, california space science center in los angeles. a group of disabled war veterans are fighting a battle to keep their homes. the men are living in a former army base in the national park. but it's the military that wants them out. you will see this story only on nbc bay area. >> at the northern end of the golden gate bridge. the former army base of fort baker. now a national park, the buildings have been returned to their original glory. but in an unusual arrangement, the aging marina is leased to travis air force base. it's the marina, veteran gerald wincoop calls home. >> my neighbors are sea lions and seals and sea birds, and it's a really nice place to live
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if you like some privacy. >> for more than five years, wincoop and other veterans have lived aboard sail boats. for wincoop who is suffering from ptsd and agent orange, the solitude fits like a warm center. last december, he and three other veterans were given notice that they had until the end of september to get out. the letters to the veterans officials said that the marina is not fit for extended residency and needs up to $1 million in repairs leaving them with no place to go. >> i can't understand why they are chasing disabled vets, you know, what do we do? we have not had anybody call on
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us. >> wincoop's attorney is trying to persuade the government to make an exception for the vets. >> they went through the trauma of war, ptsd and they are on fixed income, i don't think that the federal government should be evicting veterans. wincoop said this is happening because he complained about the dock's condition, and now he is fighting to stay in the one place that gives him peace. around here today, it was very nice, sunny and windy and not bad. let's check in with jeff. >> hopefully you can enjoy the sunshine, right now the overnight temperatures are setting in. and it's chilly. 55 in liver more and up to the
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north bay, we will be approaching record setting lows for the morning. 49 in santa rosa and quickly we will be dropping in the 40s for sonoma and napa. you can see the marine level, banked up to the north bank, we will see it lower through the morning hours for more widespread fog. we will find through the morning, an extensive area of upper level low pressure and here in the unique thing about this, it's not going to go anywhere for the next five to six days and the storm system will sit in the same spot until the up coming saturday and sunday. each and every day, we will get a small lislice of the cooler a and the fog not going anywhere. we will find fog on the coast line, and 50s and 60s, we will call it mild and this time of the year, we can have 80s and 90s for the interior valleys.
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tomorrow, we will have widespread 70s and a few sparse 80s expected in the east and for the south bay. also, plenty of sunshine expected by the afternoon. even though we were to cooler side, you can see here at 7 a.m., with the low cloud over up to the north bay coast line, we will have the sun by 1:00. not a bad afternoon coming our way, once we are through the cold start. 45 in santa rosa. 50 in san rafel and 50 in fremont, temperatures will top out like this. 80 in dan ville, 78 in pleasanton, and 72 in heyward, and san francisco 67 and 70 in berkly and 72 in oakland.
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low to mid 80s incland and 70s by the bay and 60s at the coast. we begin fall on saturday and then by saturday, we will have a chance of a shower off to the north. right now, nothing is bringing rainfall to us, but it will be something to watch, if that rain moves more to the south, we may actually see something get very close to us. so, very interesting forecast, i'm happy to see quite a bit of changes on that seven-day forecast. >> i'll keep my umbrella handy. >> yes, for right now. >> exactly. >> thanks, jeff. coming up, apple set two milestones on the stock market and online, we will show you.
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preorders are being credited with setting apple stock to the highest mark ever, shares rose 1.2% and touched over the 700 mark in after hours trading.
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the apple's stock is up since the ipod 5 is coming out. how many orders are we talking about. according to the company, over $2 million in just a 24 hour period. the phone goes on sale in stores this friday, people in new york and here in the bay area are already camped out. >> speaking of big money, we have a bizarre story tonight that links a woman to quite a fortune, a 69-year-old man died in his home in june. he had $200 in the bank. walter reportedly kept to himself, so it was not until his home went with up for sale that his realtor discovered rolls and rolls and rolls of historic gold coins. turns out that gold, are you ready for this? is worth at least $7 million. and that is where the man's cousin comes in. she is his only living relative and since he did not have a
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will, she will inherit everything once the irs of course, takes it's share. >> those are beautiful coins to. >> the giants in a close came tonight as they continue the playoff push. we will be back in a moment with sports. ♪
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>> welcome back to nbc bay area, you know, you don't have to be a magician to put up magic numbers. the g-men began a home stand tonight, crawford, at the plate, you want to play long ball? he will do it tonight. deep drive to center off the top of the wall. my goodness. inches from being a home run. triple for crawford, he later scored on a passed ball. bottom of the sixth. two on base hit through the right side, and here comes
11:28 pm
pablo, he is big, but he has speed. giants win, 2-1. every game is so important, every pitch every play at bat. you know, both sides, you have call ups, there's more work involved. and it's, you know, it's really challenging, but it's more fun too, this is why you play the game. hopefully to be in september and play important games and we are. over to the 49ers, who are now 2-0 after last night's 27-19 win over detroit, smith getting plenty of -- nfl's stingiest defense was talked about by jim harbaugh. >> everybody played very well. very good. on defense. you could say everyone had a pretty darn good game
11:29 pm
defensively. and team defense, we are as happy as heck that we did the job on detroit like we did up until the last drive. >> tell you, 49ers are looking good right now, and you can't feder -- and janell, and diane, let's go get playoff tickets. i said playoff tickets by the way. >> you have a lot of faith. >> okay. you are right. >> and henry, speaking of the 49ers, surprise appearances in the locker room, we will show you next. >> you got it. >> r
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[ female announcer ] palo alto medical foundation, and sutter health -- our story is you. . >> we have a famous special guest here, come on up here, you recognize these guys. >> yeah, special surprise guests showed up to held the 49ers celebrate their victory over detroit last night. do you recognize them, owen wilson and vince vaughn, the
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coach invited the actors to make a cameo in the locker room. harbaugh said he wants more surprise visitors. he is working on ali and willie mays. >> i bet he shows up quickly. thank u for joining us, "the tonight show" is next. ah.
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ambiance [ female announcer ] new progresso recipe starters. your head-start to home cooked. >> announcer: it's "the tonight show with jay leno," featuring rickey minor and "the tonight show" band. tonight, jay welcomes -- richard gere, author and wrestler, anthony robles, the music of rascal flatts

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